Tangerine Improvement Society (TIS)
Tangerine Improvement Society, Inc.
7101 Wright Ave., PO Box 161
Tangerine FL 32777-0106


T.I.S. Officers and Coordinators


President - Gary James

Vice-President - Bud Cunnally

Secretary - Claire Nardone

Treasurer - Larry Witt

Correspondence Secretary - George Wiggins

Board of Directors

Corky Bucklew (Past President)

Linda Bramer

Theresa Houchins

Jacob Snavely


Hall Rental Information
Member: $100 plus $50 Deposit
Non-Member: $250 plus $100 Deposit
Linda James

Historian / Facebook
Grace Genitia thecoffeegoddess@aol.com
Jeff Casey jeff@othernetworks.com

Membership Database
Linda Bramer lindabramer18@gmail.com

Local Advertising
Bud Cunnally budcunnally@verizon.net

Elizabeth Heine


Sunshine Committee
Joy Wiggins porchswing@cfl.rr.com

Membership Committee
Devise methods of obtaining new members, promote full attendance at all meetings and communicate community events and items affecting the welfare of the membership.

Building & Grounds Maintenance
and Programs Committee

VACANT - Seeking Volunteer
Responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of the TIS Hall (Community Center), its contents and grounds; set-up guidelines, fees, and restrictions for the use of the building. If you notice any areas that need attention, please let these contacts know. Preventive maintenance keeps our costs down!

Ways and Means Committee
Claire Nardone cpnardone@hotmail.com
Assist the Board in making the annual budget; plan for raising the necessary funds to carry on the work of the organization; arrange programs for membership meetings

Zoning & Planning, Parks,
Streets and Signs Committee

George Wiggins
Cooperate with Orange County Zoning & Planning Commission and all Tangerine residents in an effort to carry out the intent on the Zoning Laws; represent TIS at Commission hearings affecting Tangerine; formulate a master plan for the community an endeavor to attain it implementation; responsible for the care and development of the parks; make frequent inspections of the parks, streets and signs in the community

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